#MMN_Community Outreach



Sabina Abuga(#MMN local coordinator )  On the 30th August 2021 together with an irregular returned (Mr. Ekow Mensah) was invited to the church Liberation Lords of sheep Ministry International to discuss issues of irregular migration and insight into the experience of the irregular returnee. Here Mr. Ekow Mensah shares his journey with the congregation.


Community Outreach




On the 14th of July, 2021, James Oboade MMN Volta region coordinator was  privilege to be invited to represent the Migrant Media Network at a Community Empowerment and Leadership Conference organized by “SURE WORD GLOBAL OUTREACH”  which empowers Leadership for chiefs (Kings and Queens) in Ghana at the E. P. Church, Tregui, Volta Region. SURE WORD OUTREACH is an NGO led by Rev. David Asamoa (Director).

Stammtisch-Human Trafficking and Strategies used by human Traffickers


A round table discussion with Potential Migrant at Number 18 in Elimina, Komenda Municipal Assembly on the Human Trafficking and Strategies used by human Traffickers.





Community Outreach

#MMN coordinator interacting with participants in a stammtisch at traa town community Techiman Bono-East Region. Source: Korsah Emmanuel, MMN coordinator, Bono-East, Ghana. 17th July, 2021 The image demonstrates the Local Coordinator (LC)engaging the youth of traa town community on planning before you pack and migration decisions to help make rightful decisions and plan well before travelling also help eradicate the perception of travelling irregularly and exploring the MMN game to the participants. The image includes the coordinator and twenty one (25) participants which includes 23 males and 2 females from traa town community, techiman Bono-East.

CMMA2021 – Conference on Migration & Media Awarness

The #MMN team is invited to participate in the CMMA2021 conference in following panel discussions/ workshops

I. Thursday, 28 October 
17:00 – 18:10

Tracking EU Migration Funding in Africa
Where does it go, with what impact
and who decides?

Giacomo Zandonini
Journalist at The Correspondent

Session Moderated by:
Nyima Jadama
r0g_agency for open culture &
critical transformation GmbH

Kampnagel Internationale Kulturfabrik Hall:Kmh


II. Saturday, 30 October
10:05 – 11:30 AM

Countering Disinformation Through Media Literacy
With the presentation of the Council of Europe Study
“Media Literacy for all.
Supporting marginalized groups through
community media’ Report“

The Workshop will examine modern information pollution
and provide a framework for policymakers, legislators, researchers,
technologists and practitioners on:
Mis – Dis – Mal – Information

Session Chaired by:
Nadia Bellardi
Community Media Forum Europe (CMFE)

Kampnagel Internationale Kulturfabrik Hall: K2

#MMN_ Diaspora workshop Berlin

The aim is to inform the Ghanaina and Gambian diaspora about the importance of disseminating the right and accurate information regarding migration on social media behaviour. The workshop targets about 10 Ghanaian and 10 Gambian Diasporans who will participate in the 3 days training of the trainer workshop. If you are interested please visit our website : and contact us under

planb4upack & migration decision

Introducing MMN to the community. We will be talk to people on the dangers and effects of irregular migration and enlighten the community on safe migration.

Community Sensitisation to migration issues

The Outreachwants to sensitize the youths and provide reliable information 0n using the back-way route and provides and enables the youth to make smart decisions on migration especially on irregular migration before taking up the rout.

Target Group: Youth groups and women

School Outreach – #smartmigration

We want to introduce the #MMN project to the students and engage them on the dangers of irregular migration and provide awareness on smart migration.

Target Group: Student Age bracket (17 to 20)

misinformation on social media & dangers of irregular migration

With this Stammtisch we want to create awareness on misinformation on social media. We do this thorugh full time discussions with the returnees on the dangers associated with irregular migration .

Introduction on the #MMN game so as for them to learn the difference and effects on the regular and irregular migration.

Target audience:  youth groups and returnees