About #MMN

Migrant Media Network provides young Africans with reliable information and training on migration issues and social media to make informed decisions and be aware of safer migration options to Europe. #MMN promotes youth entrepreneurship at home as a way to build economic and social resilience, encouraging youth to create their own opportunities and work within their communities.

Members of the Ghanaian and the Gambian diaspora in Berlin are trained and involved in the development of online and offline materials to conduct workshops for young girls and boys in rural regions of Ghana and The Gambia around questions of migration, human smuggling, the ethical use of social media and youth entrepreneurship. Aiming to create a sustainable and growing network of trainers in rural areas, community influencers are engaged to amplify the training, and offline materials are distributed to community leaders in strategic points, such as schools and churches.

The #MMN project was created and initiated by Thomas Kalunge in 2019. The project was successfully implemented by r0g_agency for open culture & critical transformation in Ghana & Germany in 2019 & 2020. In 2021 the project has been  extended to The Gambia.