For the IOM Germany Diaspora Newsletter December 2022 issue, IOM Germany spoke with Moro Yapha, a Gambia Diaspora Mentor, and Susanne Bellinghausen, Project Manager at #MMN about the project and safe migration options for migrants from Ghana and The Gambia.

#MMN_Voices Podcast - The Gambia

Seedy Saidykhan a Gambian migrant, influencer and activist, now residing in Germany talks about his journey and the challanges of living in Europe.

#MMN_Voices Podcast - The Gambia

Marie (not her real name), shares her story of being a victim of human trafficking after being lured to Lebanon by her uncle.

The Archive of Refuge Interview with Blaise Baneh Mbuh

Cameroonian filmmaker Blaise Baneh Mbu speaks about his experiences as a migrant, and his work with the Global South Network.

#MMN_Voices: Nyima Camara

#Throwback: Nyima Camara shares her story about migrating to Germany in winter, her educational achievements, and why she finally returned to The Gambia.


Find more information at defyhatenow.org.


Have you registered for #PeaceJam2022 yet?

#Smartmigration Guide

The #MMN Smart Migration Guide offers information, discussion topics, and resources to be used by trainers and potential migrants to learn about the impact and consequences of migration.

#MMN Offline App

Have you already downloaded the #MMN app to your phone? Also works offline.

Migration and Media: Workshops for Young Influencers.

More information about the workshop.

Human trafficking

Protect yourself and your loved ones against human trafficking! Here are some tips:

UNODC: #EndHumanTrafficking

Traffickers use social media, emails, and messaging apps to identify, groom, and recruit victims, including children. However, technology also provides an opportunity to spread truth and fight back against trafficking.

UN report

A recent report by the UN’s Independent Fact-Finding Mission on Libya shows that migrants and refugees detained in the North African country are severely abused. Women in particular suffer sexual violence and are raped in exchange for food.

kulturweit tandem

Tandem is an exchange programme that invites people from African countries and Germany to explore the history of colonialism from different perspectives and to engage with the postcolonial present.

3 facts about migration in Western Africa

You can find more data at the Global Migration Data Analysis Centre.

How to continue your studies abroad?

Rama Sagna finished her Bachelor at an university in Dakar, Senegal, before deciding to continue her studies in France. She shares her experience and the advantages and disadvantages for an African student abroad at wakawell.info.

free online courses

Are you interested in entrepreneurship? You can find free online courses and MOOCs (massive open online courses) from universities around the world through the link.

YENNA - online learning platform

Find articles and practical tools that can be used in the fields of awareness raising, community outreach and engagement, and communication for development (C4D). AND: The #MMN toolkit.

How migration is a gender equality issue

Find more information about migration as a gender equality issue-

Are you looking for a missing migrant?

If you know someone who has gone missing while migrating, you can find information about civil society and non-governmental groups that may help you in your search through this link.

Visa Navigator

For Germany, like most countries, you need a visa to legally enter the country. If you don't know which one to apply for, the Visa Navigator can help you find the one that best fits your situation.

A Night of r0g

4 weeks ago, #MMN created an experience that allowed players of the #MMN game to become lifesize paws.

#smartmigration poster

#smartmigration poster

The #MMN #smartmigration poster lists the most important information about migration - as well as sources to find more info - all at a glance.

Journalist Training Toolkit

When a reporter tells a migration story in a balanced and ethical way, they are helping migrants make informed decisions. Accurate information can help communities and families support migrants in making knowledgeable choices. And it can help save lives.

Mental health & wellness

In #defyhatenow's field guide, you can find information on mental health and wellness, as well as tools and tips to help you and others live each day more joyfully.

Watch out, lies!

To entrap people as “clients” and make profits, human traffickers make use of many lies and false promises. Go to www.rumoursaboutgermany.info to find the most common and most absurd lies that refugees were told by criminals.

The Africa Round Table

Listen to this podcast of the Global Perspectives Initiative on the causes of migration, the role of African-European partnerships, the possible transformation of migration policy, and the responsibility of the Global North.

#MMN_Voices Ghana podcast

The 6th episode of the #MMN_Voices Ghana podcast features political campaign strategist Lewamm Ghebremariam, who gives useful insights and information on strategies, resources, challenges, and opportunities in regards to the empowerment of women in diaspora communities.

Quiz: Women & Migration

How much do you know about women and migration? Take the quiz at https://womenandmigration.com to find out.

Comics about migration experience

Three comics about migration experience, available for free on https://migrantmedia.network

Smart Migration Guide Ghana

The #MMN Smart Migration Guides are available online, free of charge.

Smart Migration Guide The Gambia

The #MMN Smart Migration Guides are available online, free of charge.

Afrika kommt

Support for returnees


Support for returnees

Returning from Germany

Support for returnees

The Links between Power, Sex and Corruption

Breaking the Silence around Sextortion - report by Transparency International.

Comic: "Foreign Body"

Bayan Salaymeh has moved across three continents to study. She not only learned a lot about feminism, but also about discrimination.

Think carefully, move slowly

The #MMN game “Think carefully, move slowly” is a role-playing game that shows the dangers of irregular migration, but also the possibilities of legal migration thus fostering experiential learning.

Join the next #MMN event: Women in Migration

Women in Migration - Preventing Human Trafficking through Access to Information will focus on the impact of trafficking on Gambian women and ways women can protect themselves through learning to access accurate information. When: Wednesday, 30 March 2022, 11:00am The Gambia, 12:00pm Germany Where: Online, via Zoom Register now!

Helpful link: German interior ministry

The German interior ministry has launched a new help and information portal for people fleeing the Ukraine and arriving in Germany.

Helpful link: Handbook Germany

You can also find detailed information on accommodation, assistance, work and study options, and state aid on: https://handbookgermany.de/de/ukraine-info/en.html

Helpful link: InfoMigrants

A good overview of accommodations, medical care, and options of staying in Berlin or moving to other part of the country is provided by InfoMigrants

Refugees from Ukraine

Yesterday the EU member states agreed that people fleeing the war in Ukraine will automatically be granted temporary protection for up to three years. The temporary protection is granted to the following groups: ...

Talkshow on Radio TaxiFM

If you speak Fula, listen to Isatou K. Jallow (#MMN regional coordinator), Bubacarr Sidibeh (Regional Youth Chairperson), and Matar Samba (a Lecturer at the University of The Gambia) talk about migration.

Online meeting: SMART goals

For those of you interested in career development and self-empowerment, come join our online meeting and learn how to create SMART goals that will help you reach your goals. When? Monday, 28. February 2022, from 4-5pm, GMT Register here.

One of many untold stories ...

Watch the story about the dangerous journey refugees from African countries sometimes take to reach Europe and the hardships they face when they arrive. link in bio Based on the song "Let me say my mind" by Jain (Destiny) and Wind (Kelvin) of Wind-Jain Eagle Entertainment.

#MMN’s next meetup is happening soon! Register now!

To join us in Berlin, please register here ...

SMART Migration

If you are thinking about migrating, take time to think about it carefully. One tool that can help you to set and achieve goals is using SMART goals. Find out more about SMART goals in the #MMN Field Guide.

#MMN’s next meetup is happening soon! Join us!

The topic: FASHION ・SUSTAINABILITY ・AFRICA - how the Ghanaian fashion industry can become a resource for sustainable alternatives to migration: Saturday 19.02.2022, 5-9pm (CET), r0g_office, Knobelsdorffstr. 22, 14059 Berlin and live on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/migrantmedianetwork

International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation

#ThrowBackSunday: In November, we held a #MMN meetup on Women and Migration – Creating Safe Spaces for Migrant Women.

Community Radios

In The Gambia, our local coordinators have a radio talk show at the Kerewan Community Radio. If you speak Mandinka, listen to the episode where #MMN diaspora mentor Karamo Conteh and local coordinator Muhammed Suwareh discuss the #MMN Field Guide and Karamo’s personal migration experience.

From the Sahara to the subway

Accompany the Eritrean Merhawi Baire in his everyday life in Germany.

Study in Germany

The DAAD (the German Academic Exchange Service) offers a platform where anyone interested in studying in Germany can find information on funding for undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral students in Germany.

Pursuing a career

Find more information about pursuing a career in the #MMN Field Guide.

Career tip for those in Germany!

Many migrants and refugees have a hard time finding employment, yet at the same time, companies are desperately looking for employees. socialbee wants to change that.

Anthony's Story

Anthony from Liberia has spent the past seven months in a reception center for asylum seekers in the town of Eisenhüttenstadt in east Germany, near the Polish border. He shares his story on informigrants.net

#MMN_Voices on Spotify!

Good news for everyone who listens to podcasts on the way to and from work, school, or shopping! #MMN_Voices is now available on Spotify!

SMART Migration

If you are thinking about migrating, take time to think about it carefully. Find out more about SMART goals in the #MMN Field Guide.

#MMN_Voices Ghana Episode 5 – Entrepreneurship opportunities in Ghana

In the 5th episode of the #MMN_Voices Ghana podcast, Kwame Ababio explains the concept behind https://www.smartfarmer.com.co, shares his knowledge about setting up a business, and gives advice for young entrepreneurs.

Refugee minors with major traumas

A comic about a Hamburg refugee clinic and why access to psychotherapy is fundamental.

#MMN_Voices: Nyima Camara

Nyima Camara shares her story about migrating to Germany in winter, her educational achievements, and why she finally returned to The Gambia.


More than 3,000 migrants lost their lives while trying to get to another country in 2020 - 1,800 of them on their way to Europe alone, according to the UN Organisation for Migration (IOM). Knowing about #SafeMigration options can help save lives!

Study: Refugee Self-Reliance and the Global Compact on Refugees

A new study provides insights regarding the complex concept of refugee self-reliance and the myriad factors that influence its achievement.

International Migrants Day

Read Dr.rer.nat. Cosmas Kombat Lambini's article about Harnessing the potential of human mobility on #MMN’s blog

#MMN_Voices Gambia: From Germany with Love

Don’t miss the new #MMN Podcast “Story of a Regular Migrant Who Took Film Creativity Home”. Sheriff Junior talks to @princebasankanugambia, a Gambian filmmaker, about his life, his experience in Germany, and his immense contribution to Gambia’s film industry.

#MMN Community Manager: First refugee advisor

We are very excited that our colleague, @nyimasbantabatv, is the first refugee advisor in the German Delegation to the High Level Official’s Meeting in Geneva.

News Site: MigrantMedia

Misinformation is dangerous and often life threatening. InfoMigrants is a news site designed to provide potential migrants with correct information at every point of the journey: in their country of origin, along the route, and in the places where they hope to start a new life.

Radio Show on #MMN

Moro Yapha from Wearebornfree! Empowerment Radio talks to #MMN Community Managers Nyima Jadama and Benedictus Agbelom about their role in the project, challenges for 2022 and the successes of 2021.

Mentoring program for refugee women

While all refugees face an employment disadvantage compared to their local counterparts, refugee women in particular face an even bigger employment gap. With a mentoring program for refugee women @tentorg and its partner organization @startsteps_germany aims to close this gap.

Free Online Portal for Higher Education

Education empowers. Kiron University offers a free online portal for higher education entirely designated for refugees.

#MMN_Voices Gambia - Diaspora Talks Series 5 - ARRESTED AT SEA

Our new podcast is out: Ebrima, a young Gambian, was fooled into taking an irregular migration route to Libya, hoping for a better life in Europe.


The #MMN Field Guide Kit consists of many resources, all created to help potential migrants clarify their goals and make informed migration decisions.

#MMN_Voices Ghana Episode 4 - Higher Education & Scholarships

Don’t miss our new #MMN_Voices Podcast about how to apply for scholarships.

Mentorship program for refugee women.

While all refugees face an employment disadvantage compared to their local counterparts, refugee women in particular face an even bigger employment gap. With a mentoring program for refugee women @tentorg and its partner organization @startsteps_germany aims to close this gap: Mentorship program for refugee women.