#MMNapp - safe migration info offline

Covid-19 has presented tremendous challenges and disrupted day to day lives in many fields. With schools closed, social gatherings limited and trainings reduced in size, the need to innovate is extremely important, if we are to keep making impact to communities on and -offline.

#MMN has been working on developing an offline App to accommodate the needs of Covid -19 related changes and to reach out to as many people as possible.

This offline mobile application enables users to access migration related content and important information for practical use.
It was important to us that the content can be accessed without the need of the internet once the #MMNapp is installed. Users download the app when opening it for the first time. This is the only time they will need an internet connection. After that the content is available on the phone at any time.

Please download and install the #MMN Offline App.

We will be glad to hear your feedbacks, thank you!


  • The #MMNapp gives information on various migration issues (women in migration, Corona & migration, education, visa issues, social media, the #MMN_USSD, alternatives etc.)
  •  especially designed with short, easy to read text and small explanatory graphics for fast download.
  • no high-end smartphone is needed to install the #MMNapp, any Android smartphone will do.
  • After the initial download to the phone the content will be available on the phone at any time – no internet access needed.
  • End users/trainees are able to access relevant training material through the app on their mobile phones even when not connected to the internet.
  • If online the #MMNapp allows acces to a lot of links related to the App content and therfore is a great resource.
  • The App will enhance the project monitoring and feedback since one can view statistics on App downloads and get reviews from the users on the App or content.