migration _Comic reports

Immigration experiences have been depicted in various ways. However, some devastating experiences which remain unnoticed are the Refugee migration experiences amongst others. From the beginning of the migration journey to the arrival. Though a resident’s experiences may vary from a non-immigrant’s experience, they both share common features in all. “New beginning in a foreign country”.The “Alphabet of Arrival” project featured Journalists and illustrators from 10 countries.


The #MMN migrant media network project is proud to feature these Comics reports by Migrants depicting their Migration experiences.

  • »Foreign body«     Text: Asma Al Abidi     Drawings: Ilki Kocer 
  • »From the Sahara to the subway«     Text: Ahmed Mohammed Omer     Drawings: Alice Socal
  • »Refugee Minors with Major Traumas«     Text: Marlene Goetz     Drawings: Hannah Brinkmann

The comic reports shown here were created in 2017 as part of the “Alphabet des Arrival” project of the German Comics Association. Twelve cartoonists and twelve journalists researched, wrote and designed a comic report in teams of two. The “Alphabet of Arrival” was financed as a model project by the Federal Agency for Civic Education (bpb) of the “Digital Media” department. It was supported by the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW) and the Arabic-language newspaper abwab. The Deutsche Comicverein e.V. then created a print version on behalf of the bpb, which is available in the media centers or in the bpb’s online shop. All rights to the reports lie with the participating authors and artists.

Website: alphabetdesankommens.de