“Harnessing the potential of human mobility”

International Migrants Day: Today should serve as an opportunity ...

Women paving ways for a violence-free future for women by creating safe spaces.

According to a 2021 World Health Organization Report, https://www.who.int/news/item/09-03-2021-devastatingly-pervasive-1-in-3-women-globally-experience-violence,…

#MMN meetup: Women and Migration

The Migrant Media Network is hosting a meetup on the 24. November…

#MigrantMediaNetwork Radio Program – The Gambia

By Lamin Sanneh - #MMN Local Coordinator The Gambia - West…

Gambia an irregular migration hotspot-challenges and risks

By Cosmas Kombat Lambini - #MMN Migration Expert Figure:…

Implementing #MMN In Southern Nigeria

The Migrant Media Network (henceforth #MMN) is at the frontline of efforts to rethink and revitalize interventions in the area of immigration in sub-Saharan Africa.

Diaspora Youth as agents of transformative change in Northern Ghana

By Cosmas Kombat Lambini-#MMN Migration Expert Ghana Irregular…

Together we heal, learn and shine

The Gambia is both a source and destination country for women and children subjected to forced labor and sex trafficking.

Launch of #MMN Field Guide Kit and Strengthening Partnerships for Safer Migration, Workshop Report

Over 40 participants attended the workshop, consisting of #MMN coordinators in Ghana...

The Gambia in the eyes of a visitor

Author: Peter Narh, #MMN Country coordinator, Ghana. The…

Migrant Media Network project launched in Gambia

Article By: Cherno Omar Bobb , Posted on The Point for freedom…

#MMN Migrant Media Network Field Guide kit launch!

The #MMN initiative is proud to announce the launch of its new #MMN Migrant Media Network Field Guide kit!


Women need to discover that they are fierce and strong and full of fire, and not be afraid to show their strength.


We - the #MMN team want to thank all our partners, colleagues and funders for their support in the past year.

Refugee Minors with Major Traumas

Those who flee from war and persecution often suffer emotional damage. Minors are treated therapeutically in the Hamburg refugee clinic.

From the Sahara to the Subway

In order to better understand the Germans, the Eritrean Merhawi Baire seeks contact. But how does it work if you don't know the social etiquette? The Eritrean Merhawi Baire tries to understand the Germans better by making contact with them. But how does that work when you don’t know the social norms.

Foreign body

Bayan Salaymeh has moved across three continents to study. She not only learned a lot about feminism, but also about discrimination. Bayan Salaymeh moved across three continents for her studies. She didn’t learn a lot about just feminism, but also discrimination.

DOTS – The Impact Summit 2020, Sustainable, positive alternatives to regular migration

Hosted by:Thomas Kalunge r0g_agency Migrant Media Network…

Borders of Fear Meetup: Facing Invisible Borders

Facing invisible borders, every year thousands of people from developing countries apply for a visa to western countries and face an often tedious visa application process.

#MMN Berlin Workshop Feedback

It made me realize how seriously the migration issue really is. When we watched the interviews with the woman and the trafficker in the film Bushfallers, it struck me. The woman talked about working 24 hours and she looked like a smart, educated woman to have fallen into the trap.