#MMN Migrant Media Network Field Guide kit launch!

The #MMN initiative is proud to announce the launch of its new #MMN Migrant Media Network Field Guide kit!  

In 2019 #MMN developed the first Social Media Hate Speech Mitigation Field Guide, using materials and information gathered during a diaspora training in Berlin. This field guide was then used to facilitate workshops and roundtable discussions in Ghana. 

In 2020, using feedback from the local coordinators in Ghana, the field guide was updated. The updated field guide handout has been streamlined and is more to the point. Designed as a hands-on resource, it covers the most relevant information pertaining to migration and provides links to reliable external information sources.

The Field Guide kit consists of:

  • 1x Field Guide handout    
  • 1x information poster    
  • 1x game
  • 2x dice to play the game
  • 4x game pawns to play the game    
  • 13x rumor cards    
  • 1x USB key
  • 2 sticky notes
  • 1 pen

The new #MMN Field Guide kit serves as a flexible and modular resource for trainers to use in Ghana to help them lead successful roundtable discussions and fruitful conversations about regular and irregular migration, tactics smugglers and human traffickers use on social media, issues returnees face, and opportunities at home.

What the new #MMN field guide offers:  

  • An open educational resource containing vital information about migration
  • A reference document to help organize and lead trainings and workshops
  • A playful method to engage potential migrants in discussions and learning-opportunities


The A1 poster game, titled “THINK CAREFULLY, MOVE SAFELY,” was developed during a #MMN 2020 workshop with the Ghanian diaspora in Berlin. The game is meant to encourage conversations about migration and provides information on both migration and opportunities at home. 

Think carefully, move safely Game

Inclusive learning: The game’s design includes many icons and symbols that allow players to engage with the topic visually. The game also leads to discussions through the 13 information cards included, which highlight some of the most common rumors about migration. The game works with all levels of literacy, so that those with lower literacy skills can still fully participate and learn about migration in a hands-on way. 

Social factor: The act of playing the game together creates a shared experience and allows players to discuss topics in a playful setting. The game is also designed to increase each player’s motivation to learn and do well by creating a sense of excitement and competition among players and the desire to finish well.   

Immersion: Active participation allows players (that is, potential migrants and returnees) to immerse themselves into the experience. Through role-playing, for example by playing the game as a migrant on the irregular path, players are able to discover what potential threats and situations might arise and learn from this experience. Other benefits of role-playing is that participants are able to share stories more easily by reflecting on the game, rather than on themselves. 

The new #MMN Field Guide kit will be distributed to the workshop locations in Ghana, in order to support the #MMN local coordinators and will be implemented through 2021. We are looking forward to receiving feedback from the local teams about their experiences with the new kit! 

Experiences with the #MMN Field Guide 2020 in Ghana

James Oboade, #MMN Local Coordinator, Volta & Greater Accra Region

“The field guide … helps me to facilitate Stammtisch (round table discussions) with participants. [I like that] the field guide is adapted to the scenarios of the migration contexts in Ghana. [These] resources help potential migrants understand and make informed decisions.”

Korsah Emmanuel, #MMN Local Coordinator, Bono East Region

“Although I don’t have any travel experience, the field guide helped me [have] an impact on migration. Participants were glad to listen and educate themselves. [It] also inspired them … to get to know what they can do for themselves without [having to] travel to an opportunity outside.”

Sabina Abuga #MMN Local Coordinator, Central Region 

“The Field Guide has been so helpful in the field, especially when it comes to the facilitation of Stammtisch and outreaches. It [lists] available opportunities in and outside of the country, which the participants [get] excited about.” 

Benedictus Agbelom 

The Migrant Media Network Field Guide Kit is a user friendly “tools in a pouch” all in one resource center, fully packed with vital information on migration which gives trainers, facilitators and trainees an understanding of Migration in a context where policies, patterns, migration routes are put to light. After trainers are equipped the campaign then starts for each trained individual as a multiplier, a way to transfer the knowledge gained from the Field Guide to inform fellow citizens on how to understand the migration issues and make informed migration decisions in their immediate context.

The Designing of a social media & migration training educational material (#MMN Field Guide) was achieved to work with all levels of literacy, making sure no one is left behind during the training (hands on), this made it sustainable and accessible to all. Championing the campaign by encouraging migration conversations, providing a safe space for returning migrants to share experiences through storytelling & holistic visual learning. Combining diaspora experiences and Resources provided by the #MMN Field Guide we entrust safe migration dialogues and Positive alternatives and opportunity in the communities we engage in.