Women need to discover that they are fierce and strong and full of fire, and not be afraid to show their strength. Women should no longer have to hold themselves back, but rather let their passions burn brighter than their fears.’ (Wedam Kadoa Rhoda, #MMN Local Coordinator, Northern Region) .

DOTS – The Impact Summit 2020, Sustainable, positive alternatives to regular migration

Hosted by:
Thomas Kalunge

r0g_agency Migrant Media Network initiative


In this session, we revisited a topic we came across while running the migrant media network project: a discussion about migration, technology, border control, and migration and technology in general. Due to the perceived or real increase in complexity of migration, governments are increasingly turning to emerge technologies for solutions.
These technologies come with promises of effectiveness, efficiency, fairness, and protection. The questions, however, that need to be asked are:

  1. Can technology be neutral?
  2. Does it impact people from different backgrounds equally?
  3. How do fairness and protection work in a society marked by great inequality?

Understanding migration and its patterns and flows, both in the mid-term and long-term, has continued to be
difficult. This has been made even more challenging due to the highly dynamic nature of migration and the people’s accelerated mobility. Due to all of these factors, policymakers and decision-makers find themselves in a situation in which they are often needing to act reactively, rather than proactively. While we accept that there isn’t a crystal ball that can give us definite answers to a topic that is increasingly uncertain and volatile, we believe that this uncertainty can be reduced by having an inclusive discussion that brings together all #stakeholders.Invisible Borders and Outsourcing of Borders Migration #Technology and Data Protection .

Sustainable, positive alternatives to regular migration
Hosted by:
Thomas Kalunge
Tiziano & Don Mattia Ferrari – Mediterranea Saving Humans
Peter Narh – Researcher, Lecturer University of Ghana Legon
Rhoda Wedam – Song- Ba Empowerment Center Ghana
Linda Bonyo – CEO | Lawyers Hub (Tech for Justice) & Africa Law Tech

Ghana and Regional opportunities the Youth can Explore

Name: Rhoda Wedam. Song Ba Empowerment Center (Ghana) Emmanuel Clifford Gyetuah (Youth Development Advocate ,Youth Civic Participation, Migration and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Date: 11th September 2020

Location: Facebook live

A Discussion with Kayayo Returnees

Name: Rhoda Wedam Song Ba Empowerment Center (Ghana)

Date: 29th August 2020

Title of event and topic: A discussion with Kayayo Returnees

Location: Facebook live

Migration, Entrepreneurship and community engagement in a post-pandemic world under Stakes, Opportunities, Forecast

Name: Thomas Kalunge, Andikan E Imah Founder- IGOLD SUAVE (NG)

Date: 12th June 2020

Location: Instagram live

Women and girls in Migration, global warming, and repercussion on migration and the role of the Diaspora

Name: Thomas Kalunge, Desmond Alugnoa Founder – Green Africa Youth Organization (Ghana) Rhoda Wedam Founder – Song Ba Empowerment Center (Ghana)

Date: 12th June 2020

Location: Facebook live