David Dari

MMN Coordinator, Bono East Region, Ghana

Email: david@migrantmedia.network

David is a enlightenment thinker, and a student of history, policy, and innovation. He is interested in youth advocacy and activism, and a politician. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in History with Economics from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) in Kumasi, Ghana. Whiles at the University, he was speaker for the KNUST Students Representative Council (SRC) Parliamentary Council, a member of the Board of the Dean of Students and a Board Member of the University Welfare Committee. He had the opportunity to travel to the United States of America for Leadership Exchange Programs. He lives in the Upper Region of Ghana, and is the MMN coordinator for the Upper West Region.

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Henrietta Asante 

MMN Coordinator, Ashanti Region, Ghana

Email: henrietta@migrantmedia.network

Henrietta Asante is a native of Kokofu in the Ashanti region, and currently resides in Kumasi. She studied Medicine Counter Assistantship at G health consult in Ghana and also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management from the Ghana Baptist University. She currently is the coordinator for Ashanti region, a self-employed, and a politician.

Peter Narh

#MMN project coordinator & researcher in Ghana

Email: narh@migrantmedia.network

Peter Narh resides in Accra Ghana, and oversees the work of the #MMN regional coordinators in Ghana. In his works he focuses on agriculture, environmental conservation, and transformation in Africa. He currently also volunteers for Farafina Institute, a research and community transformation-focused institute registered in Germany, working in Africa. He coordinates projects with Farafina Institute, mainly on youth entrepreneurship and migration.

Korsah Emmanuel

#MMN Coordinator, Bono East Region, Ghana

Email: emmanuel@migrantmedia.network

Emmanuel Korsah is a graduate of the Kumasi Technical University in Kumasi. He currently lives in Techiman in the Bono East region of Ghana, from where he coordinates #MMN activities for the region. He hopes to work hard for the #MMN project to advance his own career and to achieve the goal of the #MMN project. He is a writer of short stories, some of which will appear on the #MMN social media pages.

Sabina Abuga

#MMN Coordinator, North East Region, Ghana

Email: sabina@migrantmedia.network

Sabina Abuga resides in the Central region of Ghana. Currently she is the #MMN Coordinator for the Central region. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Geography and Regional Planning from the University of Cape Coast in Ghana. She is interested in youth work and transformation. For the #MMN project, she hopes to bring along her good interpersonal and communication skills to achieve goals. She is determined to be a role model for her community.

Freeman Bruce

MMN Coordinator, North East Region, Ghana

Email: freeman@migrantmedia.network

Freeman Ephrim Brace is a native of the Northern region of Ghana. Currently, he is the Coordinator for the MMN project for the North East Region where he lives. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Medicine and Surgery from China. He had previously worked for Song Ba women Empowerment Centre in Tamale.

Mohammed Abdul-Kabiru

MMN Coordinator, Savannah Region, Ghana

Email: mohammed@migrantmedia.network

Mohammed Abdul-Kabiru lives in Tamale in the Northern region of Ghana. He was born in Daboya in the Savannah region. He is the MMN Coordinator for the Savannah Region. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the Valley View University in Ghana. Mohammed is keen on supporting efforts of his community to sensitize young people about migration opportunities as well as dangers, both within Ghana and internationally. His career goal similarly is to advance into higher levels of professionalism and to deepen his knowledge around best marketing and financial management practices. He possesses skills in communication, interpersonal relations, and computing.