#MMN Outreach PlanB4upack in Aworowa Town



Korsah Emmanuel and  Steve visited  Akumfi Ameyaw Senior High School which is located in the Aworowa Town but in the communities of Techiman at 8:30am Wednesday morning. They had discussions with the students by given them reliable information on Social Media +  Migration context and irregular migration especially the risks and dangers associated with it. The later enlightened them on how to plan before traveling and making relevant decisions before traveling. We also interacted with them on the topic human trafficking and cause of it.

Youth Leaders_Diaspora Outreach_NBR

20 Youth leaders from North Bank Region will be sensitized and Informed about the reality in Europe and trained on MMN Field Guide Handout. Focus will be on safer migration options through the MMN Field Guide Kit as well as misinformation and fake life on social media.

Diaspora School Stammtisch _LLR

The Diaspora Mentor Seedy Saidykhan, together with the #MMN Local Coordinator of the Lower River Region Serrey Sanneh, will host a Stammtisch at the Soma Upper and Senior School introducing #MMN to participants and to open a forum for discussion on the issues of irregular migration, the impacts, challenges and safe migration at length. He will talk about his own experience on migtaring to Gremany and the challanges of backdoor migration. The target group are students and school teachers.

Stammtisch In the Aworowa Community



On the 9th October, 2021, Emmanuel embark on an outreach with a congregation of women group in the Aworowa community-techiman Bono-East Region. The women group meets every Saturday morning at a usual place of a member residence to discuss about their various activities they undertake in the Aworowa community.  Emmanuel took them through #MMN , Migrantchoices 6 #Smartmigration most importantly shared with them the topics of planning before u pack, migration decisions and human trafficking. Highlighting the  consequences & risk involved in irregular migration.




Online Outreach by Evans #MMN Diaspora Mentor

Evans organised a virtual outreach with graduates and tertiary students on the  “Theme: Accessing scholarships for further studies in Germany”.  In his presentation he took the time to explain how to gain admission into a university and how to meet the requirements for each application phase. the team Theme: Accessing scholarships for further studies in Germany.

Online Event on Incubators & accelerators for entrepreneurial youth in Ghana





Ernest our Diaspora Mentor host a facebook live on the 30th of October on the Topic: Incubators & accelerators for entrepreneurial youth in Ghana

Outreach on Positive Alternatives to Migration



During an Outreach on positive alternatives to migration in the region Sabina Abuga the Local Corrdinatoe for the Central Region Organised a Skills training session with Mr. Ekow and Miss Monica  for the youth of the Abaka Community at Abura Asebu Kwamankese District. They were taught briefly on how to make bread and water cake.

A High daily consumable product in the Region.



Stammtisch on Irregular migration


Sabina the local coordinator of #MMN in the Central region  met with Ghana National Tailors and Dressmakers Association to elaborate on the need for planning a journey; PLAN BEFORE YOU PACK. There were series of group discussions and group brainstorming and later presentation on the topic.


Diaspora _Community Outreach_LRR

This Outreach conducted by Diaspora Mentor Seedy and Local Coordinator Serrey will introduce women, youth leaders and commiunity to the aims of the #MMN initiative.
The idea is to sensitize the youths on the difficulties and challenges of irregular migration, human trafficking and smuggling as well as the possibilities of safe migration and how to plan.
Its aim is also to increase awareness on the available skills and resources in the home country itself which one can effectively make best use of without embarking on these deadlier journey.

Diaspora Mentor Outreach in Tamale









Community outreach led by Jude Asamoah and Rhoda Wedam,  with students of the Vittin Senior High School on the 14/9/2021. Topic discussed with them is Migration, opportunities at home and abroad.