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Migration Decisions Stammtisch in Moree


A round table discussion was organized by Sabina Abuga (Local coordinator) for the Council Youth of Moree in the Central Region. The discussion commenced at exactly 1:38 pm with half of the participants Seated. Mr. Robert Awkoh, the leader of the group welcomed them for availing them for the meeting and as well introduced Sabina as the Central Regional Coordinator for MMN and the moderator for the discussion. Sabina started the presentation by introducing them to the overall activities of MMN and what we seek to achieve as a group. After which, I introduced the topic for the day: Migration Decisions, the role of a potential Migrant in exploring safer options of migration.

Women Stammtisch “Human Traffickers and opportunities at home and Europe”




Sabina Abuga  Central Regional coordinator Local Coordinator and James Ekow Mensah (Irregular returnee) On Monday, 15th November 2021 visited the Benti community of the Central Region to organize a Stammtisch.  The community influencers introduced the team to the Women Groups and welcomed them to the meeting. An opportunity was given to the participants to introduce themselves. Thereon, the team enlightened participants on the overall goal and objectives of the MMN project. The topic of the day kicked started the conversation “Strategies used by Human Traffickers and opportunities at home and Europe”. After the event participants were aware of the dangers of irregular migrations, Schemes, and tricks used by human smugglers and also How to identify,  mitigate, misinformation, disinformation, and fake rumors about Europe.


1. Create awareness of the USSD code *1228#
2. Expose the mitigating propagandas on social media and provide a safe decisions process regarding migration.
3. Mapping the journey for potential migrants.
Target group are the stidents at Fatoto Senior Secondary School.

#irregular migration & positive alternatives_LRR

1. Introduce #MMN and its activities to youth leaders.
2. Disseminate information to different youths and on the effects of irregular migration and human trafficking, and equally exposing them to the available opportunities in the country.

The target group are youth and women

#MMN_challenges on irregular migration_LRR

1 Introducing MMN
2. Sensitize the youths on difficulties and challenges on irregular migration, human trafficking smuggling and equally safe migration plans.
3. Increase awareness on the available skills and resources in the country which one can effectively make best use of without embarking on these deadlier journey.

The target groups are youth leaders, returnees and women.


#MMN Diaspora Moderated Workshop with Local Coordinator




On the 16th of November, 2021,  Korsah Emmanuel and Diaspora Mentor Steve visited the Techiman Senior High school which is located in the Techiman on exactly 7:30am in the morning before the Junior high school pupils started their (BECE). They had a fruitful discussion with the student by given them reliable information on migration context and irregular migration especially the consequences of it. We later enlightened them on how to plan before traveling and making relevant decisions before traveling. Questions and answers were thrown to my mentor Steve and he gave them accurate and understanding answers

Women Leaders_Diaspora Stammtisch_NBR

Karamo Conteh’s second Stammtisch will be with 20 Women Leaders from Suwareh Kunda in North Bank Region.

The goal is to inform and advocate for safer migration options and emphasis the importance of smart migration. Talking as a student discussing how different life is for students in regards to others that use irregular migration. Also human trafficking and women in Migration will be an importnat topic. He will share his experiences with the women in order for them to discourage their children to migrate irregularly.

88.8FM Diaspora Mentor_Radio Program_LRR

Seedy Saidykhan, a Gambian living in German who was trained during the #MMN Diaspora ToT in August 2021 will talk on Soma community radio 88.8FM, together with the #MMN Lower River Region Local Coordinator Serrey Sanned, to the people of teh Lower River Region about his experinces as migrant, migration issues and challanges of irregular migration. Tune in.

#MMN meetup: Women and Migration

The Migrant Media Network is hosting a meetup on the 24. November 2021 from 18-20hrs, CET that focuses on the experiences of African diaspora communities in Germany. 

This meetup will focus on women and migration, specifically on how to create safe spaces for migrant women. The meetup will take place at the r0g_agency office, Knobelsdorffstr.22, in Berlin-Charlottenburg. 

The event will feature talks by Jennifer Kamau, co-founder of International Women* Space and Isatou Barry, an activist fighting against the practice of Female Genital Mutilation. 

To join us, please send us an email at info@migrantmedia.network or message us via Instagram or FB. Registration is open until Monday, November 15th. The meetup is open to anyone interested in the topic; you do not need to be a member of a diaspora community to attend. 

2G rules will apply: you must either be fully vaccinated against covid-19 or have proof of recovery to attend. 

We look forward to meeting you!

Event Link : https://migrantmedia.network/event/creating-safe-spaces-for-migrant-women/

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