Job Acquisition and Job Maintenance Training session.




Evans Awuni Our Diaspora Mentor from Lüneburg & Sabina Abuga  #MMN Central regional Local coordinator  hosted and  facilitated a Job acquisition and job maintenance training session with the NSS personnel at Twifo Praso in the Central Region.


Stammtisch Migration Decision




The Stammtisch was on the Topic “Migration Decision” it was held on Tuesday 20th July 2021 at KOSSI’s Fashion centre  in the Anloga  district in the volta Region. The Stammtisch was organised to encourage the youths (young women and men) to take the Skills acquisition seriously and to be insightful of what they are learning. And to take SMART Decision concerning migration, while discouranging the irregular migration option. From the #defyhatenow’ field-guide topic (migration Decision) the participants were openly interactive with answers to question as most of them have some experiences about dangers/risks involved from narratives. James introduced the #MMN_ussd code and the THINK Carefully MOVE SAFELY GAME as well.


Workshop and Books Donation



On Saturday 24th July, 2021, a request  made from the Hong Kong citizens, (In House Residents) working with at  Sunon Asogli  Energy Power Plant Ghana Limited  at Kpone – Tema. The team donated books, 1 laptop and 1 iPad to the Salo JHS in the Anlo District. The initiative was a requested by James J. Oboade, #MMN local co-ordinator for the Volta and Accra, and was solicited by Nana Ofei Asamani who is the partner and consultant to Sunon Asogli  Energy Power Plant Ghana limited. This proved that #MMN’s presence in the community has something to do with supporting the local communities to develop perception for change.

We also aim for searching and collaborating with more other individuals and companies to support the local communities as well. As LC for #MMN I also used the occasion to introduce the USSD code to the population for their migration choices.

#MMN_ Diaspora workshop Berlin

The aim is to inform the Ghanaina and Gambian diaspora about the importance of disseminating the right and accurate information regarding migration on social media behaviour. The workshop targets about 10 Ghanaian and 10 Gambian Diasporans who will participate in the 3 days training of the trainer workshop. If you are interested please visit our website : and contact us under

Stammtisch on Human Trafficking

Some Community members of Aworowa Abaase Community received a training on truthful story telling.
Talking about human trafficking and engaging the participants in awareness of human trafficking and the dangers to human life. Also a brief engagement in opportunities in Ghana was further discussed.



Returnees sharing their ideas and experience on irregular migration. Focused On migration and dangers associated with irregular migration. Both the returnees and members of the community will be well informed on irregular migration especially on risk and dangers involved


Target Group: Youths- Returnees /deportees and members of the Community


Opportunities at home

Stammtisch I:

A round table discussion with youth, service development providers and community members on available opportunities. Engagement with youth development service providers to expose the communities on the available opportunities for youth available on their desk. Youth will be exposed to the opportunity available by the services providers.

Target Group: Community members and youth development service providers



Migrant Media Network {MMN} North Bank Region conducted its Stamatisch at the community of Salekenni and Kerewan in Central Baddibou District of North Bank Region. These communities have expressed happiness of MMMN team visiting the communities and had such important discussion. The discussions were centered on irregular migration and current youth opportunities in The Gambia.

Irregular migration & informed decision making

Introducig MMN to the youth groups which are the most vulnerable and to the dangers and effects of migration, in order to ensure that irregular migration is drastically reduced if not eradicated. As well as discussing the idea of proper decision making on migration.

Target audience: Youth groups

Planning the Journey

The  Workshop was aimed  to inform the Youth about the dangers/risks involved in irregular Migration, job opportunities in Ghana, SMART Migration planning system.