Stammtisch on Human Trafficking

Some Community members of Aworowa Abaase Community received a training on truthful story telling.
Talking about human trafficking and engaging the participants in awareness of human trafficking and the dangers to human life. Also a brief engagement in opportunities in Ghana was further discussed.



Returnees sharing their ideas and experience on irregular migration. Focused On migration and dangers associated with irregular migration. Both the returnees and members of the community will be well informed on irregular migration especially on risk and dangers involved


Target Group: Youths- Returnees /deportees and members of the Community


Opportunities at home

Stammtisch I:

A round table discussion with youth, service development providers and community members on available opportunities. Engagement with youth development service providers to expose the communities on the available opportunities for youth available on their desk. Youth will be exposed to the opportunity available by the services providers.

Target Group: Community members and youth development service providers



The idea is to have a wider coverage through radio sensitization on irregular migration awareness raising. Communities will be effectively and efficiently informed on irregular migration and alternatives to mitigate it as they are key players throough Kerewan and Farafenni community radios.

Irregular migration & informed decision making

Introducig MMN to the youth groups which are the most vulnerable and to the dangers and effects of migration, in order to ensure that irregular migration is drastically reduced if not eradicated. As well as discussing the idea of proper decision making on migration.

Target audience: Youth groups

Planning the Journey

The  Workshop was aimed  to inform the Youth about the dangers/risks involved in irregular Migration, job opportunities in Ghana, SMART Migration planning system.





Discussing the dangers associated with irregular migration with youth groups, women, returnees, community elders.


Discuss on the impact of Human Smuggling with group discussion and Sharing stories.
Talking about the negative impact of human smuggling. The target group were youth groups,  women, returnees and community elders.


The aim was to ensure having a clear dialogue on the importance of safe migration. The engagement was very interactive and successful as it was embraced by the community members hence the topic of discussion (migration) was a concerned  and is a burning issue affecting the life of young people. more details will be captured in the report and equally the feedback


Isatou K Jallow the Local Coordinator for the #MMN in the Upper River Region conducted a Stammisch on the 27th May, 2021 in Kaba Kama in the Fulladu District. Twenty  people from the Suwancy Youth Group were attending. The topic discussed was #smartmigration and how to have better ideas before planning to migrate.