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Outreach in the Galo-Sota Community



Outreach organized on 16th November 2021 to meet Madam Gladys Dogbey (Women Leader at Galo-Sota) and Madam Celestina Gadese from Kpenu all in the Anloga District. The plan was to train and encourage participants to carry on with the #MMN r0g’s message across in their community management and meeting to also keep and train the youth especially the girls, parents, and influencers. I think this can work that is why it is important.

Stammtisch At University Of Development Studies



Migration among the youth in the Northern Region of Ghana continues to be a risk to the future workforce of the Region. It is important for youth to set goals from time to time, everyone experiences difficulty getting started on the path to success. Each of us has a unique set of strengths that help us, as well as challenges that hinder us on the way. Goal setting helps us separate our strengths from weaknesses and make realistic plans for improving our lives. Goal setting provides focus and context to a mentor pair.

On the 5th of November, 2021. 30 participants from the University for Development Studies were engaged in a Stammtisch. The Stammtisch was made possible with a proper community entry which was done through the Student Representative Council. After our meeting with the Executives, we met the youth participants where an introduction was made. (Rhoda Wedam) The Local Coordinator went further to introduce the MMN project to the participants. She highlighted the major activities of the project and its operational areas to give the participants more information about the MMN Project. The topic for discussion was on planning the journey specifically on helping the participants to define smart goals for migration.

“Rural Urban Migration” A case of the Yendi Women


40 participants who are parents of young girls from 4 training Centers were organized for the first Stammtisch. The Stammtisch was organized at the Presby Lay training center, located on the Yendi road about 5km from the barrier. The meeting was made possible with a proper community entry which was done with the help of the Assemblyman and the heads or owners of the various training Centers.

Rhoda Wedam The Local Coordinator at the meeting introduced the MMN project to the participants and also the facilitator of the day who was in the person of Hajia Alimatu. She also highlighted the major activities of the project and its operational areas to give the participants more information about the MMN Project. The topic for discussion was further introduced for discussion which was on issues that motivates their female children to migrate to urban areas and Europe which was facilitated by Hajia Alimatu Sagito

Graduation Ceremony at Moree “PLANING A JOURNEY”



Nana Amyi IV invited Sabina Abuga (#MMN Local Coordinator) for the Graduation Ceremony of the Basic Education Certificate Examination(BECE) Graduands of Moree Catholic, Moree Methodist, and Moree D.A Junior High Schools.

Sabina presented the activities of the Migrant Media Network and used the bull eye theory to identify the plans of these potential Migrants as they are to sit at home for a few months for their results before they continue with their education. In the course of the interactions, it was realized that most of these potential Migrants were actually planning on traveling to the cities Accra and Kumasi. The topic discussed for the day was, PLANING A JOURNEY.



“Plan Before You Pack”



The activities of the Migrant Media Network are to ensure that the potential Migrants/refugees, and Migrants in Transit are made aware of the safer options to migrate to Europe. Sabina Abuga (local coordinator) organized the Stammtisch for the Youth of Alata Jaga in the Central Region. Mr. Kofi spoke to their leader, who gave the team permission to have the discussion with his colleagues. The group leader Frank introduced the team and gave permission to carry on with activities for the day.

The team discussed the topic of the day, “Plan Before You Pack” with emphasis on the risk associated with irregular migration.

For more information about migration options  please visit; https://migrantmedia.network/migration-resources/



Women Stammtisch “Human Traffickers and opportunities at home and Europe”




Sabina Abuga  Central Regional coordinator Local Coordinator and James Ekow Mensah (Irregular returnee) On Monday, 15th November 2021 visited the Benti community of the Central Region to organize a Stammtisch.  The community influencers introduced the team to the Women Groups and welcomed them to the meeting. An opportunity was given to the participants to introduce themselves. Thereon, the team enlightened participants on the overall goal and objectives of the MMN project. The topic of the day kicked started the conversation “Strategies used by Human Traffickers and opportunities at home and Europe”. After the event participants were aware of the dangers of irregular migrations, Schemes, and tricks used by human smugglers and also How to identify,  mitigate, misinformation, disinformation, and fake rumors about Europe.

NSUTA 2 #MMN Inter-Comminities Stammtisch








NSUTA 2 community stammtisch. The Nsuta Community 1, Shared their experiences and gave feedback to aid Nsuta Coomintuy 2 Play the MMN Game “THINK CAREFULLY; MOVE SAFELY.  The two youth groups of Nsuta in the Bono-East region together with other returnees immersed in the Game and recommend it to be played in all Ghanaian Households for proper sensitization on Migration.






#MMN_Voices Gambia – Diaspora Talks Series 6 – From Germany With Love

Our 6th episode of the #MMN _Voices Gambia Diaspora talks titled: From Germany With Love: Story of a Regular Migrant Who Took Film Creativity Home, Sheriff Junior talks to Prince Bubacarr Aminata Sankanu, a Gambian filmmaker, about his life, his experience in Germany, and his immense contribution to Gambia’s film industry.

This podcast is a r0g_agency production by Sheriff Bojang Jr. The #MMN project is funded by the German Federal Foreign Ministry, the Auswärtiges Amt.


1. Create awareness of the USSD code *1228#
2. Expose the mitigating propagandas on social media and provide a safe decisions process regarding migration.
3. Mapping the journey for potential migrants.
Target group are the stidents at Fatoto Senior Secondary School.

#SAFEMIGRATION & Human Trafficking_URR

  1. Provide information and safe migration tips and regulations by using websites WAKA well and www.iom.int migapp@iom.int
  2. Sensitize youth and other stakeholders on the risk involved in human trafficking.
  3. Raise awareness on Irregular migration and the MMN USSD CODE 1228

Target groups are last palmas youth groups.

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