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“Irregular Migration” Outreach By James #MMN Volta Region Coordinator

On the 2nd December 2021, An Outreach was organized at Adidome Farm Institute to inform and educate the people about migration issues and discourage Irregular Migration and promote livelihood as a positive alternative to the constraints about jobs, skills, and against poverty among the youth. The Farm Institute trained the youth in Agribusiness and as our main reason, we tried to work with the Senior Administrator to best support the youth in the communities. Senior officer and lecturer in the Institute said he and his colleagues are ready to work with #MMN. He said when the youth are ready, they can even come and train, mentor, and support them in any other way.

Stammtisch in Keta on “Human trafficking and Human smugglers”



Stammtisch was organized and held at Tsiame Community Centre in the Keta Municipality of the Volta Region, with fifty-seven (57) participants – 30 males and 27 females. The topic discussed was Migration Decisions and Human Trafficking. We also talked about the topic: Resources and Information, the Plan before you pack concept.

The training helped the participants to understand modern ways of human trafficking and how smugglers can traffic potential migrants through the internet and social media. They also learned how they can use  Social Media to educate themselves about job opportunities at home, start something small and grow it gradually as an alternative to irregular migration. Mr. David from the BAC supported the #MMN, informed and also confirmed to participants that there are livelihood opportunities in place for the youth to access. James also talked about possibilities for funds to support the youth who are ready to start something for themselves and also promised to stand by the #MMN as our work is becoming more and more interesting as we mainly focused on youth empowerment and development.

#MMN_Voices Ghana Episode 5 – Entrepreneurship opportunities in Ghana

This 5th episode of the #MMN_Voices Ghana podcast provides background information on entrepreneurship in Ghana by interviewing the experienced entrepreneur Kwame Ababio on the necessary strategies, contacts, and information for anyone to establish and sustain a successful business
#MMN supports looking into entrepreneurship as a positive alternative to migration, particularly irregular migration.

Kwame Ababio is an entrepreneur with emphasis on ICT and online agro-business.

Green Afro-Palms (GAP) :


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