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“The Graduate Explorer: Unlocking the Least Opportunities for Success” Workshop



Career guidance and counselling for fresh graduates/national service personnel in Ghana. The goal of the programme was to mentor young people to develop the awareness and capacities to chart their career paths, identify and overcome the despairs of false information and to do it right if they need to travel abroad.

Reason being; The period of graduation from a tertiary institution, the commencement and completion of national service mark an important transition into the ‘real world’ and candidates are at that state often uncertain about their future and vulnerable to falling prey to false claims of greener pastures through various channels. The situation has worsened. The graduates find no jobs or seem hopeless and frustrated about their future. In consequence, they are more likely to:

 Become victims of illegal migration through false migration information preached by fraudsters, among others via social media, the traditional media, and various platforms

 Become ‘tools’ or channels for promoting violence in any form that threaten peaceful coexistence among people

 Untap their potentials for the greater good

Unfortunately, beyond the passing of examinations, the school system fails to provide the necessary training/guidance  to students about their future career options and how to excel in the contemporary world.


Stammtisch Migration Decision




The Stammtisch was on the Topic “Migration Decision” it was held on Tuesday 20th July 2021 at KOSSI’s Fashion centre  in the Anloga  district in the volta Region. The Stammtisch was organised to encourage the youths (young women and men) to take the Skills acquisition seriously and to be insightful of what they are learning. And to take SMART Decision concerning migration, while discouranging the irregular migration option. From the #defyhatenow’ field-guide topic (migration Decision) the participants were openly interactive with answers to question as most of them have some experiences about dangers/risks involved from narratives. James introduced the #MMN_ussd code and the THINK Carefully MOVE SAFELY GAME as well.


Human trafficking and strategies used by human traffickers at Marine


Discussing the Potential Migrants on Human trafficking and strategies used by human traffickers at Marine, Elimina at the Komenda Municipal Assembly.


#MMN_USSD Outreach


An outreach at Old Post Office, Elimina in the Komenda Municipal Assembly. The Migrant Media Local Coordinator together USSD Outreach  Francis, the Assembly member for Old Post, and Don-Kharles, the youth leader discussed the importance of the USSD migration choices services.

#MMN Field Guide Kit Launch & strengthening partnership for safer migration

We are pleased to announce that the Migrant Media Network (#MMN)
project Ghana will hold a meeting for stakeholders and #MMN project
coordinators to have an exchange on their work experiences in migration
issues in Ghana. At the same time we will launch our #MMN Field Guide Kit.

The workshop will be held in Accra, at the Erata Hotel, Okponglo, Legon,
from the 23rd to 24th of June 2021, starting at 09 am GMT. The first day is
meant as a stakeholder exchange meeting.

Community Outreach

First visit to Vocational Training and Rehabilitation Institute at Biriwa, Central Region. The Central region coordinator introduced the project to the school authority and shortly after, Sabina was granted access to engage the students in the Social Media and migration training.

Sir. Agbleke and Mr. Sowah, the head of chaplaincy for the Vocational Training and Rehabilitation Institute at Biriwa made mention that some past students of the school were in Germany, Qatar, and Israel.  The school Administration was so excited because our engagement with the final year’s students might reduce the number of them who might intend to travel outside through the illegal means drastically.

Stammtisch on Migration Decisions

This Stammtisch dealt with the topic of “Migration Decisions”. It was held at the Adzato Community Centre in the Anloga District of the Volta Region.

One of the participants confirmed that due to job unavailability or opportunity in the community, most of the youths are forced to leave the community to search for greener pastures. This has affected even the leaders and the community at large. Another reason for migration is the fact that there is no industrial activity in the area which could earn them a living.

Planning the Journey

The  Workshop was aimed  to inform the Youth about the dangers/risks involved in irregular Migration, job opportunities in Ghana, SMART Migration planning system.




Migration Decisions

Stammtisch at Aworowa new town, on the topic Migration Decisions. Decision that needs to be made before embarking on to travel to create awareness and exterminate the misinformation circulating about migration.