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Community outreach on migration resources & information_NBR

Engagement with community members on clear message about migration information and resources. By the end of the session participants should be well inform on issues surrounding migration resources and information and have the clear view of them and also expose them to available opportunities.

Community Outreach on irregular migration_LRR

1. Introduce #MMN and its activities to participants.
2. Open a forum for discussion on the issues of irregular migration, the impacts, challenges and safe migration at length. The target group are students.


The activity conducted by the local coordinator for west coast region Lamin Sanneh on the 19th December 2021 at Kimbo Dadeland.The discussion mainly focused on safe Migration. Participants were taken through on the risk associated with irregular Migration and possible ways for people to implore in migrating safely. The recently boat that disappeared on the coast of the river to Spain for was equally discussed.


Awareness arising activity on” safe migration alternatives” in the community of Kombo East. The community outreach program was held in Kuloro 19th December 2021 from 9:30 to 11am local time. Most of the elders that attended did not hesitate to share their opinion on the trend of irregular Migration.


In order to reach to the most vulnerable people in the most remote region, a radio talk show was organized to give informatoion on migration to people who do not have access to migration information. The talk show was conducted by Isatou K. Jallow MMN regional Coordinator, Bubacarr Sidibeh Regional Youth Chairperson and Matar Samba a Lecturer at the University of The Gambia. They talked about the importance of seeking thruthful information before travelling, obtaining valid documents, using legal roots and opportunities available for young people within the region and means of acquiring them. The discussion was interactive and educative, listeners are able to understand the purpose of the conversation and the impact it can play in their lives and the lives of their children.

Listen here: https://migrantmedia.network/mmn-radio-talk-shows/#the-gambia

Diaspora Talk on Kerewan Community Radio_NBR

Karamo Conteh our #MMN Diaspora Mentor and the Local Cooridnator Muhammed Suwareh will use the exsiting Local Coordinators radio talk show at Kerewan Community Radio as platform to discuss the overall #MMN Field Guide Kit and the trip or mission in The Gambia. Karamo will also speak about is personal experience.


Women Leaders_Diaspora Stammtisch_NBR

Karamo Conteh’s second Stammtisch will be with 20 Women Leaders from Suwareh Kunda in North Bank Region.

The goal is to inform and advocate for safer migration options and emphasis the importance of smart migration. Talking as a student discussing how different life is for students in regards to others that use irregular migration. Also human trafficking and women in Migration will be an importnat topic. He will share his experiences with the women in order for them to discourage their children to migrate irregularly.

Smart Migration_Diaspora Stammtisch_NBR

#MMN Diaspora Mentor Karamo Conteh will hold 3 programs as part if his Mentorship in the North Bank Region. This is the first one addressing 20 Students from Kerewan Upper and Senior Secondary School.

The goal is to provide training and reliable information on migration issues and fake information on social media in other to make informed decisions and be aware of safer migration options through the Migrant Field Guide handout particularly on smart migration. He will also use this platform to share his personal experience from his journey to Germany as a student.

Diaspora School Stammtisch _LLR

The Diaspora Mentor Seedy Saidykhan, together with the #MMN Local Coordinator of the Lower River Region Serrey Sanneh, will host a Stammtisch at the Soma Upper and Senior School introducing #MMN to participants and to open a forum for discussion on the issues of irregular migration, the impacts, challenges and safe migration at length. He will talk about his own experience on migtaring to Gremany and the challanges of backdoor migration. The target group are students and school teachers.

#MMN at Soma community Radio station 88.8 FM – LRR

Our local coordinator Serrey Sanneh conducted two radio talks on the 28th of July and 4th of October 2021 at the Soma community Radio station 88.8 FM – LRR Region. Together with a guest speaker and migration expert they addressed and discussed issues on safe migration and human trafficking. The shows were held in English and Mandinka. Recordings will follow.
Listen to our other radio shows in the Gambia and stay tuned: