planb4upack & migration decision

Introducing MMN to the community. We will be talk to people on the dangers and effects of irregular migration and enlighten the community on safe migration.

Community Sensitisation to migration issues

The Outreachwants to sensitize the youths and provide reliable information 0n using the back-way route and provides and enables the youth to make smart decisions on migration especially on irregular migration before taking up the rout.

Target Group: Youth groups and women

School Outreach – #smartmigration

We want to introduce the #MMN project to the students and engage them on the dangers of irregular migration and provide awareness on smart migration.

Target Group: Student Age bracket (17 to 20)



Returnees sharing their ideas and experience on irregular migration. Focused On migration and dangers associated with irregular migration. Both the returnees and members of the community will be well informed on irregular migration especially on risk and dangers involved


Target Group: Youths- Returnees /deportees and members of the Community


Irregular migration & informed decision making

Introducig MMN to the youth groups which are the most vulnerable and to the dangers and effects of migration, in order to ensure that irregular migration is drastically reduced if not eradicated. As well as discussing the idea of proper decision making on migration.

Target audience: Youth groups

#MMN Community Outreach

The community outreach activity was held in the community of
Kafuta Village Kombo – East District West Coast Region on the
topic of regular and irregular migration.


Discussing the dangers associated with irregular migration with youth groups, women, returnees, community elders.


Discuss on the impact of Human Smuggling with group discussion and Sharing stories.
Talking about the negative impact of human smuggling. The target group were youth groups,  women, returnees and community elders.


Gambia  School workshop with twenty participants from Pakalinding Upper Basic School. Among others teachers and students joined the workshop on the 28th of May 2021. Topic was on How to PLAN BEFORE YOU PACK and make informed decisions before traveling. The event was held at the school campus in Pakalinding, Jarra West District Lower Region.