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Stammtisch in Keta on “Human trafficking and Human smugglers”



Stammtisch was organized and held at Tsiame Community Centre in the Keta Municipality of the Volta Region, with fifty-seven (57) participants – 30 males and 27 females. The topic discussed was Migration Decisions and Human Trafficking. We also talked about the topic: Resources and Information, the Plan before you pack concept.

The training helped the participants to understand modern ways of human trafficking and how smugglers can traffic potential migrants through the internet and social media. They also learned how they can use  Social Media to educate themselves about job opportunities at home, start something small and grow it gradually as an alternative to irregular migration. Mr. David from the BAC supported the #MMN, informed and also confirmed to participants that there are livelihood opportunities in place for the youth to access. James also talked about possibilities for funds to support the youth who are ready to start something for themselves and also promised to stand by the #MMN as our work is becoming more and more interesting as we mainly focused on youth empowerment and development.

Women In migration Stammtisch



On the 5th of October, 2021, our second Stammtisch was held with young women of 4 training Centers in Tamale. The purpose of these young women is to address some of the social issues that motivate them to migrate. This Stammtisch was facilitated by Madam Humaimatu (Director at the National Vocational Institute) and Hajia Halimatu Sagito (Director of SWIDA Ghana). These facilitators are well-trained personalities who focus on training women in addressing social issues that affect their lives. Wedam Rhoda, the local coordinator for the MMN project in Tamale gave the welcome address to the participants and encouraged them to actively participate in the Stammtisch so as to get themselves well informed about the social issues that are affecting the lives of women and motivate them to migrate.


#MMN_USSD Ghana Outreach



Five hundred and three (503) copies of the #MMN handy notes were distributed to the youth at social events and Market places. Moreover, one hundred and five (105) people were reached on WhatsApp. The USSD code stickers were also posted at vantage points in the communities.




Migration Decisions Stammtisch in Moree


A round table discussion was organized by Sabina Abuga (Local coordinator) for the Council Youth of Moree in the Central Region. The discussion commenced at exactly 1:38 pm with half of the participants Seated. Mr. Robert Awkoh, the leader of the group welcomed them for availing them for the meeting and as well introduced Sabina as the Central Regional Coordinator for MMN and the moderator for the discussion. Sabina started the presentation by introducing them to the overall activities of MMN and what we seek to achieve as a group. After which, I introduced the topic for the day: Migration Decisions, the role of a potential Migrant in exploring safer options of migration.

NSUTA #MMN Inter-Community Stammtisch



On the 10th December 2021, Emmanuel Korsah the Bono East local Trainer brought his two youth groups from different communities of Nsuta in the Bono-East region together for the Stammtisch.

The interaction was initiated by asking “who would like to travel”. Almost all the participants raised a hand and he asked again why would they like to travel? And their responses were, “Ghana is not interested to stay”, “To go and search for job opportunities”, “To go and settle there”, “Go to School”, “To explore another country, and so on”.

He took the privilege of their answers to introduce to them the topics in the Migrant Media Network (#MMN) Field Guide ToolKit; migration decisions, and plan before you pack.


#MMN_Voices Gambia – Diaspora Talks Series 3_SEEDY SAIDYKHAN

In this 3rd episode of #MMN_Voices Diaspora talks – The Gambia, Sheriff Jr. talks with Seedy Saidykhan a Gambian migrant, influencer and activist, now residing in Germany about his journey and the challanges of living in Europe.

This podcast is a r0g_agency production by Sheriff Bojang Jr. The #MMN project is funded by the German Federal Foreign Ministry, the Auswärtiges Amt.SmartmigrationMMN_podcasthomegrownopportunitiesrefugeesmmn_ussdmigrationchoices

MMN_Voices Gambia – Diaspora Talks Series 2_WKS BERLIN 2021

The workshop was held on the 27th , 28th & 29th August 2021 from 9:00am – 16:00 pm in Berlin – Spreefeld – Kreuzberg

The aim of the three days Training of Trainers Workshop is to inform the diaspora about the importance of disseminating the right and accurate information regarding migration on social media and also to train them to become trainers on targeted topics focused on Ghana and The Gambia.
The workshop includes presentations on migration dynamics of both countries, social media literacy, women in migration and practical migration experience through the #MMN Field Guide Kit including a migration game, interactive co-creation by the participants. Group brainstorming section & presentation on findings.

This podcast is a r0g_agency production by Sheriff Bojang Jr. The #MMN project is funded by the German Federal Foreign Ministry, the Auswärtiges Amt.

MMN_Voices Gambia – Diaspora Talks Series 1 : Boat in distress, deaths at sea

When young Gambian Ebrima (not his real name) left his hometown in The Gambia in October 2013 to embark on the irregular migration to Europe, his hope was to arrive in Germany, quickly get his papers to work, go to school, earn enough money and give quality life to his family back home. That was the European dream he was told by his friends already in Europe.

In this first part of the MMN Gambia Diaspora monthly podcast series, Ebrima, now based in Berlin, narrates his dangerous road journey through the desert and conflict zones, how he was kidnapped and forced into labour in Libya, moments of distress and deaths at sea (in the Mediterranean), years of joblessness in Europe and running away from the police in Germany, and why he now campaigns against irregular migration to Europe.

This podcast is a r0g_agency production by Sheriff Bojang Jr. The #MMN project is funded by the German Federal Foreign Ministry, the Auswärtiges Amt.Alternatives2irregularmgrationopen_culture_agencymmn_ussdhomegrownopportunitiesmigrantmedianetworkmigrationchoicesSmartmigration

Smart Migration_Diaspora Stammtisch_NBR

#MMN Diaspora Mentor Karamo Conteh will hold 3 programs as part if his Mentorship in the North Bank Region. This is the first one addressing 20 Students from Kerewan Upper and Senior Secondary School.

The goal is to provide training and reliable information on migration issues and fake information on social media in other to make informed decisions and be aware of safer migration options through the Migrant Field Guide handout particularly on smart migration. He will also use this platform to share his personal experience from his journey to Germany as a student.

Stammtisch with Ghana National Tailors and Dressmakers Association(GNTDA) Zone 1 Cape Coast

On 11th October 2021, Sabina Abuga( Local Coordinator) organised Stammtisch for the Ghana National Tailors and Dressmakers Association(GNTDA) Cape Coast Zone 1. The event was held at the Cape Coast Metropolitan Assembly. Aimed at  impact of regular migration on our community; the role of potential migrants.

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