In this Stammtisch (round table discussion) organised by Sabina the Central Region Local Coordinator. The  participants were taken through the #SMARTMIGRATION approach and the importance of Planning the Journey (setting goals before travelling).  A Participants Shared  the story of her sister, involving herself in unplanned journey.

Stammtisch on Migration Decisions

This Stammtisch dealt with the topic of “Migration Decisions”. It was held at the Adzato Community Centre in the Anloga District of the Volta Region.

One of the participants confirmed that due to job unavailability or opportunity in the community, most of the youths are forced to leave the community to search for greener pastures. This has affected even the leaders and the community at large. Another reason for migration is the fact that there is no industrial activity in the area which could earn them a living.

Planning the Journey

The  Workshop was aimed  to inform the Youth about the dangers/risks involved in irregular Migration, job opportunities in Ghana, SMART Migration planning system.




Migration Decisions

Stammtisch at Aworowa new town, on the topic Migration Decisions. Decision that needs to be made before embarking on to travel to create awareness and exterminate the misinformation circulating about migration.