#MMN_Voices Gambia – Diaspora Talks Series 3_SEEDY SAIDYKHAN

In this 3rd episode of #MMN_Voices Diaspora talks – The Gambia, Sheriff Jr. talks with Seedy Saidykhan a Gambian migrant, influencer and activist, now residing in Germany about his journey and the challanges of living in Europe.

This podcast is a r0g_agency production by Sheriff Bojang Jr. The #MMN project is funded by the German Federal Foreign Ministry, the Auswärtiges Amt.SmartmigrationMMN_podcasthomegrownopportunitiesrefugeesmmn_ussdmigrationchoices

MMN_Voices Gambia – Diaspora Talks Series 2_WKS BERLIN 2021

The workshop was held on the 27th , 28th & 29th August 2021 from 9:00am – 16:00 pm in Berlin – Spreefeld – Kreuzberg

The aim of the three days Training of Trainers Workshop is to inform the diaspora about the importance of disseminating the right and accurate information regarding migration on social media and also to train them to become trainers on targeted topics focused on Ghana and The Gambia.
The workshop includes presentations on migration dynamics of both countries, social media literacy, women in migration and practical migration experience through the #MMN Field Guide Kit including a migration game, interactive co-creation by the participants. Group brainstorming section & presentation on findings.

This podcast is a r0g_agency production by Sheriff Bojang Jr. The #MMN project is funded by the German Federal Foreign Ministry, the Auswärtiges Amt.

MMN_Voices Gambia – Diaspora Talks Series 1 : Boat in distress, deaths at sea

When young Gambian Ebrima (not his real name) left his hometown in The Gambia in October 2013 to embark on the irregular migration to Europe, his hope was to arrive in Germany, quickly get his papers to work, go to school, earn enough money and give quality life to his family back home. That was the European dream he was told by his friends already in Europe.

In this first part of the MMN Gambia Diaspora monthly podcast series, Ebrima, now based in Berlin, narrates his dangerous road journey through the desert and conflict zones, how he was kidnapped and forced into labour in Libya, moments of distress and deaths at sea (in the Mediterranean), years of joblessness in Europe and running away from the police in Germany, and why he now campaigns against irregular migration to Europe.

This podcast is a r0g_agency production by Sheriff Bojang Jr. The #MMN project is funded by the German Federal Foreign Ministry, the Auswärtiges Amt.Alternatives2irregularmgrationopen_culture_agencymmn_ussdhomegrownopportunitiesmigrantmedianetworkmigrationchoicesSmartmigration


#MMN Stammtisch Migration Context





On 16th November 2021,  Korsah Emmanuel and  Steve, #MMN Diaspora Mentor  visited the Our ladies of Mount Camel senior high school which is located in the Techiman town on Tuesday evening exactly 4:30pm. They had a discussion with the students by given them reliable information on migration context and irregular migration especially the consequences and risks involved by showing practical examples. We later enlightened them on how to plan before traveling and making relevant decisions before traveling. Questions and answers were thrown to our Diaspora Mentor Steve and he gave them accurate and understanding answers. We also interacted with them on the topic human trafficking and cause of it.


Community outreach at Traa zongo community






Emmanuel the Bono East regional coordinator met with his participants from the Traa zongo community to discuss and evaluate the activities of MMN and the impact it has brought to them in couple of Stammtisch and outreaches hosted with them.

Outreach on Positive Alternatives to Migration



During an Outreach on positive alternatives to migration in the region Sabina Abuga the Local Corrdinatoe for the Central Region Organised a Skills training session with Mr. Ekow and Miss Monica  for the youth of the Abaka Community at Abura Asebu Kwamankese District. They were taught briefly on how to make bread and water cake.

A High daily consumable product in the Region.



Stammtisch with Ghana National Tailors and Dressmakers Association(GNTDA) Zone 1 Cape Coast

On 11th October 2021, Sabina Abuga( Local Coordinator) organised Stammtisch for the Ghana National Tailors and Dressmakers Association(GNTDA) Cape Coast Zone 1. The event was held at the Cape Coast Metropolitan Assembly. Aimed at  impact of regular migration on our community; the role of potential migrants.

This engagement was conducted at the community of Farabasutu in Kombo East District. The community members were introduced to Think before you pack. This was design to sensitize the community on the most accurate information on migration and how it reflect the their socio-economic development. During the discussion most of the participants admit the realities surrounding the raise pattern of irregular migration. Participants contributed immensely and assured to play a crucial role to ensure that the public residing in their community live in a well informed and knowledge base society.

Diaspora _Community Outreach_LRR

This Outreach conducted by Diaspora Mentor Seedy and Local Coordinator Serrey will introduce women, youth leaders and commiunity to the aims of the #MMN initiative.
The idea is to sensitize the youths on the difficulties and challenges of irregular migration, human trafficking and smuggling as well as the possibilities of safe migration and how to plan.
Its aim is also to increase awareness on the available skills and resources in the home country itself which one can effectively make best use of without embarking on these deadlier journey.

Fishing Community & Migration_WCR

This Outreach will engage the fishing Community of Tanji West Coast Region of the Gambia omn teh topic of safe migration & positive alternatives.

#MMN_Community Outreach_WCR

This #MMN Outreach in the community of Gunjur in the West Coast Region of The Gambia will introduce the #MMN project and its main aims to inform potential migrants on safe migration, the dangers of irregular migration and positive alternatives at home.


Topics of this Stammtisch:

1. To engage elders (both parents) on the Dangers of the irregular routes to migration.
2. TO raise more awareness of the local opportunities available for youths in the Gambia.
3. To help get informations on how to travel abroad using WAKAwell .

The target group are community elder of Tabajang in Jimara district

#MMN Radio Outreach




On the 27th of September Emmanuel the #MMN Bono- East Local Coordinator  and Mr. Philip Yaw Okyere a community representative and a Business owner with a Migrant returnee from Korea Mr. Adu Gyamfi visited radio link 89.1  fm to talk to their listeners on  “The creation of awareness on migration and the aim for every potential migrant to adhere before embarking on migrating to another country with opportunities in Ghana as well as shared migrant experiences from the returnee”.