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#MMN_Voices Ghana Episode 6 – Diaspora Women on Migration

This 6th episode of the #MMN_Voices Ghana podcast provides information towards empowerment of women in diaspora by interviewing the political campaign strategist Lewamm Ghebremariam .

#MMN supports looking into entrepreneurship as a positive alternative to migration, particularly irregular migration.

An Outreach on “Entreprenuership Opportunities”


An Outreach took place at the office of the Business Advisory Council (BAC) and the Ghana Enterprise Agency (GEA). This was to inform them about #MMN and to see how together we could define a smart way to identify what alternative opportunities for skills acquisition and entrepreneurship are available for the youth and how the youth can benefit from the BAC/GEA offices. The BAC/GEA officer assured and also used documents to prove the plans put in place to support the youth in Ghana. The officer explained the plan for the A – E meaning Apprenticeship to Entrepreneurship of which some youth are beneficiaries. #MMN is already in collaboration with them to work for the wellbeing of the youth in their local communities.

“Irregular Migration” Outreach By James #MMN Volta Region Coordinator

On the 2nd December 2021, An Outreach was organized at Adidome Farm Institute to inform and educate the people about migration issues and discourage Irregular Migration and promote livelihood as a positive alternative to the constraints about jobs, skills, and against poverty among the youth. The Farm Institute trained the youth in Agribusiness and as our main reason, we tried to work with the Senior Administrator to best support the youth in the communities. Senior officer and lecturer in the Institute said he and his colleagues are ready to work with #MMN. He said when the youth are ready, they can even come and train, mentor, and support them in any other way.

Stammtisch On “SMART Migration”


On 16th December, 2021 this stammtisch was organized and implemented in collaboration BAC Keta Office at Kedzikorpe – Keta to train women hairdressers on migration. The meeting went well with participants being able to identify the constraints and other issues associated with migration especially irregular migration. We discussed the alternatives to irregular migration and how to start seriously, working hard to bring people’s mind to peace as majority of the people can’t feed themselves because of poverty. The participants expressed their grievances on how they were not getting support to grow their businesses and that the hairdressing business was very important. They said they needed support from government to move their businesses to the next level.

Stammtisch on “Migration issues”




A stammtisch (roundtable discussion) was organized just for Assemblymen and women and other communities influencers from six (6) different communities from the Hohoe District Assembly to inform and train them on migration issues (regular/irregular migration) to Europe. The six (6) Assemblymen and women and the other influencers were all glad about #MMN’s focus on the youth and women for empowerment and the opportunities the youth can exploit in their own local communities without migrating to Europe.

“Planning The Journey” Stammtisch

Community outreach was planned and organized with the women and girls at the Song-Ba Empowerment Centre which was facilitated by Madam Humiamatu(Director for National Vocational Institute) The meeting was attended by 29 participants in all. The outreach was very interactive with every question which was asked by the participants being answered. The ladies were very happy about the engagement and the fact that they could ask their questions and get them answered.

We engaged the women and girls on the topics PLANNING THE JOURNEY. We also made them know that, is not that we don’t want them to migrate but it must be done in a safe way and through regular means. We also help them to plan their journey with the S.M.A.R.T goals for migration.

We also discuss how to measure the goals that will answer these questions:

  • How will I track my progress?
  • How much time do I need?
  • How much of a resource (time, money, energy) do I need?
  • What are some mini-goals I can set along the way?

Graduation Ceremony at Moree “PLANING A JOURNEY”



Nana Amyi IV invited Sabina Abuga (#MMN Local Coordinator) for the Graduation Ceremony of the Basic Education Certificate Examination(BECE) Graduands of Moree Catholic, Moree Methodist, and Moree D.A Junior High Schools.

Sabina presented the activities of the Migrant Media Network and used the bull eye theory to identify the plans of these potential Migrants as they are to sit at home for a few months for their results before they continue with their education. In the course of the interactions, it was realized that most of these potential Migrants were actually planning on traveling to the cities Accra and Kumasi. The topic discussed for the day was, PLANING A JOURNEY.



Commuity Entry NSUTA






Community entry is key to our activities, Emmanuel Korsah visited the Chief of Nsuta at his palace with the  Queen’s mother and some community leaders to discuss with him the purpose of me meeting his community people. The Chief Nana Owusu Ameyaw II and queen mother Nana Afofie with the community leaders Mr. Apraku with Uncle Atta who joined Emmanuel to the palace to discuss with the chief his purpose in their community were honored with the opportunity to introduce himself. Emmanuel, told Nana Owusu his purpose for coming and briefed him about the Migrant Media Network  #MMN, and also shared with him some information in the #MMN Field Guide Kit,  he will be sharing with his community people. Nana Owusu delightfully welcomed him again and said is a good initiative, also Nana Owusu thanked #MMN for visiting and choosing his town as part of the communities we are sharing valuable migration information with. He again stated, “his community is one of the communities that youth travel a lot especially through Libya and the desert, and encourage is good for bringing such activity into his community”.

The chief gave permission for the team to undertake information dissemination activities on irregular and regular migration in his community.



NSUTA #MMN Inter-Community Stammtisch



On the 10th December 2021, Emmanuel Korsah the Bono East local Trainer brought his two youth groups from different communities of Nsuta in the Bono-East region together for the Stammtisch.

The interaction was initiated by asking “who would like to travel”. Almost all the participants raised a hand and he asked again why would they like to travel? And their responses were, “Ghana is not interested to stay”, “To go and search for job opportunities”, “To go and settle there”, “Go to School”, “To explore another country, and so on”.

He took the privilege of their answers to introduce to them the topics in the Migrant Media Network (#MMN) Field Guide ToolKit; migration decisions, and plan before you pack.


Seedy_Saidykhan – #MMN Diaspora Mentor #MigrationTalkShow

 #MigrationTalkShow on the 31st of Deecmber live on facebook at 18:00 o’clock with Susanne Bellinghausen #MMN_Migrant Media Network project manager – MMN #YahyaYaffa Human right activist, Radio producer and Diaspora mentor for The Gambia and Karamo Conteh (MIDE ) student in Berlin and Diaspora Mentor for The Gambia. We will be discussing issues of irregular and smart migration and also talk about the new German government and the changes to migration policy. ✍️🇬🇲

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