planb4upack & migration decision

Introducing MMN to the community. We will be talk to people on the dangers and effects of irregular migration and enlighten the community on safe migration.

Opportunities at home

Stammtisch I:

A round table discussion with youth, service development providers and community members on available opportunities. Engagement with youth development service providers to expose the communities on the available opportunities for youth available on their desk. Youth will be exposed to the opportunity available by the services providers.

Target Group: Community members and youth development service providers


Planning the Journey

The  Workshop was aimed  to inform the Youth about the dangers/risks involved in irregular Migration, job opportunities in Ghana, SMART Migration planning system.




Migration and Youth Empowerment & Opportunities in Ghana

The topic discussed was mainly about Contexts from the #MMN field-guide (irregular migration and opportunities in Ghana). Also, skill acquisition and entrepreneurship mainly on agro-business, transformation of farm products and marketing was highlighted by James