Workshop on Social Media Sensitization and Migration in Berlin

r0g_agency for Open Culture and Critical Transformation Knobelsdorffstraße 22, Berlin

Aim: Training Ghanaian diaspora in Germany to become trainers on social media sensitization in the areas of regular and irregular migration. Phase 1 – Participants will learn about engaging responsibly with social media and be equipped with basic training skills on how to organize workshops on social media sensitization in Ghana. Phase 2 – Four of the trained […]

Migrant Media Network 2019 Workshop

open culture office Berlin

Training Ghanian Diaspora to become trainers in Ghana on Migration, Social Media sensitization on regular and irregular migration.

Workshop: Migrant Media Network 2020

ZKU Berlin

Contribute to changing the perception of life in Europe and help mitigate the low awareness of the manifold dangers linked to irregular migration.