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Migrant Media Network is a project by r0g_agency for open culture & critical transformation. #MMN provides young Africans with reliable information and training on migration issues and social media to make informed decisions and be aware of safer migration options to Europe. #MMN promotes youth entrepreneurship at home as a way to build economic and social resilience, encouraging youth to create their own opportunities and work within their communities.

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According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM) a migrant has an irregular situation when one or more of the following circumstances apply.

WOMEN &  Migration

Women and children constitute almost 70 percent of those under UNHCR’s care. Explore what steps are needed to tailor services for women, children and other refugees …


It is recognised that some migrants often are hesitant to return home, due to: A feeling of shame from haven failed to meet expectations of people around them,…


Information for migrants / potential migrants & refugees from reliable sources:Safe migration pathways, rumors about Europe, EU and African Migration Policy.

Entrepreneurship Opportunities

Before deciding to migrate, take some time to think about your goals and set specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time based goals.

Education Resources

View useful Education Resources for example platforms that lists Master programs worldwide. If you are a student from Ghana, you will need the Visa Type D…

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#MMN Migrant Media Network Field Guide kit launch!

The #MMN initiative is proud to announce the launch of its new #MMN Migrant Media Network Field Guide kit!


Women need to discover that they are fierce and strong and full of fire, and not be afraid to show their strength.


We - the #MMN team want to thank all our partners, colleagues and funders for their support in the past year.

Refugee Minors with Major Traumas

Those who flee from war and persecution often suffer emotional damage. Minors are treated therapeutically in the Hamburg refugee clinic.

FAQs on Migration

  • If I am caught working illegally in Germany, will I get papers automatically ?

    This is nonsense! The German labour market is highly restricted. Tough laws and tough sanctions apply. If the German police discovers you working illegally, you will find yourself in trouble. Depending on your residence permit, this could mean deportation to your home country.

  • I work for a migration support organisation and wish to download legislation and reports relating to immigration to the EU. How can the EU Immigration Portal help me?

    The EU Immigration Portal is not a documentation centre. It gives you basic information on European and national immigration policies and law. However it also provides a Directory and links to further information available on national official websites, which might provide you with the documentation you need.

  • I live in an EU country where I have the status of refugee. Can I find information relevant to my status on the EU Immigration Portal?

    No. The EU Immigration Portal does not provide information on the specific rules that apply to non-EU citizens who have the status of refugee in an EU country.

  • Does the EU Immigration Portal provide users with a forum for discussion?

    No. The EU Immigration Portal provides basic information on European and national immigration policies and law to non-EU citizens, migrant intermediary organisations, immigration law practitioners, officials, employers, and to the public at large. It does not provide any facility for interaction between users and is not a forum for discussion.

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