#irregular migration & positive alternatives_LRR


1. Introduce #MMN and its activities to youth leaders. 2. Disseminate information to different youths and on the effects of irregular migration and human trafficking, and equally exposing them to the available opportunities in the country. The target group are youth and women



Awareness arising activity on” safe migration alternatives” in the community of Kombo East. The community outreach program was held in Kuloro 19th December 2021 from 9:30 to 11am local time. Most of the elders that attended did not hesitate to share their opinion on the trend of irregular Migration.


Kimbo Dadeland

The activity conducted by the local coordinator for west coast region Lamin Sanneh on the 19th December 2021 at Kimbo Dadeland.The discussion mainly focused on safe Migration. Participants were taken through on the risk associated with irregular Migration and possible ways for people to implore in migrating safely. The recently boat that disappeared on the […]

Stammtisch on migration decision_NBR


Group discussion with community members on migration decision related to the analysis of the Diaspora mentor on some of the key important issues he has mentioned during his deliberation related to migration decisio: Theh target groups are students and community youths. By the end of the discussion participants should be able to understand the important […]

Seedy_Saidykhan – #MMN Diaspora Mentor #MigrationTalkShow


 #MigrationTalkShow on the 31st of Deecmber live on facebook at 18:00 o’clock with Susanne Bellinghausen #MMN_Migrant Media Network project manager - MMN #YahyaYaffa Human right activist, Radio producer and Diaspora mentor for The Gambia and Karamo Conteh (MIDE ) student in Berlin and Diaspora Mentor for The Gambia. We will be discussing issues of irregular […]